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Striker Sports Falling Stick Challenge, Set Of 6 Falling Sticks Challenge help students build teamwork, speed and agility skills. The 60 in durable Pvc Falling Sticks are held upright by each player (about 6 ft apart from one another). Players then let go and run to try to catch the other stick before it hits the ground. Players can stand further apart for a greater challenge. Set includes 6 Falling Sticks. Specifications: Item #: 1428926 Brand: Striker Sports Grade Level: Elementary-Middle School Selling Uom: Set of 6 Ship Method: Parcel Certifications: Not Applicable Invoice Description: Falling Sticks Challenge Set Of 6 Safety: No Choking Hazard Allergens: Contains No Allergens Description: Falling Stick Challenge Set Product Dimensions: 60 x 1-1/2 in

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